There is no doubt that a business’s backbone is basically a website that it uses. A well-designed website will help you a lot, especially in this COVID-19 era for getting success in your business. A large number of people are using the company’s website so as to search the information and it is the best alternative to search something in this time of social distancing. You can create a good impression on the visitors with the flawless design of your site and they may take interest in the services and items of your business. However, all your efforts can be useless if you make mistakes in the web design. Here are the 6 most common web design mistakes to avoid in 2021.  

1. Not giving priority to columns and grids – Changes in the world of web design occur at a very fast rate. It becomes necessary for you to incorporate those changes in your web design. However, a few developers follow the old way of developing designs. To develop a website design that is well-architectured and responsive, the CSS grids play an important role. But the designers sometimes forget to build their site by using the CSS grids. Instead, they use breakpoints, floats, and flexbox only to organize the content. According to a designer importance needs to be given to all whether these are breakpoints, floats, flexbox, or grids. With their use, it is possible to keep away those mistakes in designing a website that are related to columns and grid. It is possible to use columns and rows for aligning and automatically segmenting the content by making the use of CSS technologies.

2. Not giving priority to accessibility and navigation – If the navigation layout or menu are poorly configured then it is a very big mistake. The visitors can feel problems scrolling down if the navigational structure is improper. They can bounce back from your site. A hierarchical arrangement of categories of web pages is necessary when designing a site so as to allow intuitive navigation for the visitors. Also, every device does not have the same navigation. As an example, for small screen devices like smartphones, a strategy of using a hamburger menu will work the best. It has been found that a large number of people are color blind and these more than 300 million. When designing the sites, this aspect is not taken into consideration by a large number of designers most of the time. The reason can be they forget about this. When using the small device, they may take interest in zooming the content. It is necessary for you to consider all this while designing a site.

3. Not giving proper attention to security in the design approach that is responsive – It is possible to avoid several security loopholes in a site if in the design stage priority is given to the security of the site. For instance, it will be good to enable the authentication feature for the business data that is critical. Along with this, for providing an omnichannel experience in the various devices and browsers, a consistent and responsive design is necessary.

4. Putting too much content in the web design – The user may be searching for a solution to his problem. If you are unable to provide him that solution because of very little information then the user experience will not be good. But don’t clutter your site with too much content. The user can feel difficulty in understanding, consuming, and accessing the solution to his problem if the information is too much. In addition to this, it is necessary to focus on creating scalable designs. It is very difficult to scale a site that is untemplated and unstructured. You can use divide and conquer strategy to keep away the issues of scalability. User interaction, user profiles, product information, and product listing are the web pages that you will get after dividing the full interface of a site.

5. Not making the use of a clear call to action – A big mistake in designing a site is not making the use of a proper call to action. A site acts like a pipeline or a sales funnel. It is possible to achieve the conversion if within the funnel the visitors traverse by using the CTAs. So, it is necessary to provide clear CTAs on the web page.

6. Irrelevant or poorly designed images – When designing a site, a critical role is played by the graphics and images. For conveying the message clearly, images can help a lot. However, these can confuse the visitor if done wrong. The visitors will take less interest in your site if you will use images of low quality. It can have a negative impact on your conversions.

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