Standing desks offer a real solution to health issues caused by excessive sitting. Employees spend most of the days sitting at their desks. It causes serious health problems like obesity, weight gain, heart diseases, and even cancer. Sitting more than eight hours a day is bad for your health. If your job requires you to sit for a prolonged time, consider a sit-stand desk that protects you from this sedentary lifestyle. The benefits of a standing desk connect directly to your health and productivity. If you are still confused about these desks, the below-mentioned reasons will make you confident about your decision.

A standing desk helps you stand and work, cutting down the duration of your sitting. But, a desk without a height-adjustment feature will not give you enough benefits. Too much standing also causes health problems. You feel pain in your legs and joints. So, choose a sit-stand desk with a height-adjustable option. These desks help you sit or stand during your work hour. 

They come up with many benefits for your health, and the article discusses them. 

Standing reduces the chance of weight gain:

You gain weight when you burn fewer calories than you take. When you exercise, it increases the calorie-burning process, and this helps you lose weight. But excessive sitting slows the process, and you will gain extra. When you choose standing over sitting, you can burn more calories. Excessive sitting often leads people to obesity. Cut the risk of this health issue by using a standing desk at work. 

Brings down the blood sugar level:

If your blood sugar level increases after your meal, this is a serious sign of a health problem, and it needs immediate attention from you. The situation even worse if you have insulin-resistance or type-2 diabetes. So, try to stand after your meal to avoid such health risks. A sit-stand desk meets your requirement perfectly.

Lowers the risk of heart disease:

In 1953, the link between standing and heart health was first discussed. A study revealed that the bus conductors who stood all day had nearly half the risk of heart-disease related death than the bus drivers who sit all day. If you sit for long hours, you can avoid the health risk even with your one-hour long exercise. A sit-stand desk helps you choose between sitting and standing positions during your work. 

Reduces your back pain:

Standing desks help you reduce your back pain. When you sit too much, it builds up pressure on your lower back. Using a standing desk can reduce this health problem because many studies proved that a standing desk could reduce your back pain.

Improves your mood and energy levels:

Using a standing desk not only takes care of your physical health but also improves the functioning of your brain and mind. When you stand properly at your desk, it improves the blood circulation in your body. Your brain also gets fresh blood and oxygen that helps it work perfectly. You feel more energetic and can perform your task with an improved concentration power. 

Boosts your productivity: 

A standing desk will boost your productivity by allowing you to keep your body engaged and to make your mind work finely. When you stand, you are conscious of your weight distribution and your body balance. It keeps your mind active, and an active mind can work better. This way, you will improve your productivity.

Improves your posture:

Standing can improve your posture. Sitting can make your posture bad because your chair may not be ergonomically designed. You will get used to the poor posture because you may hunch over your keyboards. It makes your posture wrong.

So, when you stand, you can maintain a good posture by holding yourself upright. Good posture reduces your back pain and other discomforts.

Buy a sit-stand desk that allows you to change your desk height quickly. You will get many desks with height-adjustable features. the cheaper ones are noisy and take a long time to adjust the desk height. Opt for an electrical standing desk that has a faster lifting than the hand-crank version. The durability of the desk is another important thing to consider. Every desk has some weight capacity, and you will get every detail in the product pages. Check your standing desk properly before you buy.

The writer of the content is researching office furniture and ergonomics. He writes blogs to make people aware of the new things that employees can use to improve their productivity.