If you wish to change your flight and you have booked your tickets with Volaris, you are at the right place. Volaris Change Flight also allows the passengers to change the flight for free. However, your ticket must qualify for some conditions. 

Let us find out first what the flight change policy of Volris Airlines says.

Highlights of Volaris Flight change:

When you look into the flight change with Volaris, you find it the easiest and the simplest in the whole industry of aviation. Here are the important points talking about the flight change policy:

  • Regardless of the ticket type and fare types, you can change your Volaris flight for free. Remember free flight change is possible only when you change it before 24 hours get completed from the time of booking. 
  • However, if only 4 hours or less are left in the departure timing of the flights, no one can change the flight further.
  • Every passenger needs to pay the fare difference between the original and the new flight. That is, if your original flight price is less than the new one, you need to pay the rest of the amount to the airline. On the other hand, in case your original flight was costlier than the new one, you will get a refund.

Therefore, these were the important points you need to know if you are a customer of Volaris Airlines. 

How much do I need to pay to change my Volaris flight?

Volaris is known for charging less for flight bookings as well as for flight change, and also for the Volaris Cancel Flight process.  However, the flight change cost depends on two things,

  • The type of flight and the fare type
  • The time of the flight changed.

Here is the fee structure of Volaris flight change.

  • If you are changing your flight up until when 24 hours or more are left then you need to pay $40 dollars for national flights, and $75 for international flights.
  • Moreover, when you are changing your flight after the period of 24 hours or less are left from the time of departure, the airline demands $53 to change the national flight and $100 to change the international flight. 

How to change my Volaris Airlines flights?

Here is the step by step process if you want to change your flight through the online mode:

  • Browse the Volaris airline’s website
  • Head towards the manage booking section 
  • Now, enter your details such as your full name and your flight details such as your flight booking number 
  • Then, you need to hit the continue tab. This will help you navigate your booking.
  • Finally, you will see various options such as changing flights and canceling flights among others. You need to click on the change flight.

In the end, you will have to make payments as per the requirement. 

If you do not want to go through this long poroces, you can simply dial the Volaris Ailrines phone number to change your flight or even for Volaris Cancel Flight procedure. Also, you might call us flight booking as well.