On Non Stop Article, we only accept high quality and unique articles from our members. We design a platform for novice writers and publishers who want quality content writing. We also appreciate and promote authentic information shared with us by our authors. We request every author to read this guideline to get their articles published easily on our website. 

  • Article content
  • Article title
  • Article body guideline
  • Article summary
  • Article keywords
  • Author account criteria
  • Copyright violation
  • Disclaimer

Article Content:

The content of your article is very essential. Read the guideline thoroughly and follow them while submitting your article to us.

  • We accept only ENGLISH for the article language.
  • We welcome only unique articles, and the author must have the right to publish them. For ghostwriting or submitting content on behalf of a company, include the original author’s name in the content.
  • We DO Not accept articles bought in bulk form or published on other platforms. Every author must ensure that he/she is the sole owner of the article and has a legal right to publish the content on our website. If there is any breach in this term, we terminate the authorship permanently from our website.
  • We DO Not accept articles with promotional information.
  • We DO Not accept articles with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and wrong sentence structure. Submit your article in proper English by checking all errors before submission.
  • Non Stop Article highly discourages blasphemous language and information that spreads violence. We do not accept articles that promote pornography/explicit adult materials, violence, and escort services. We do not allow articles with excessive bold words.
  • We Do Not accept content that targets sales or advertisement, fake degrees, fake diplomas, and paid assignments.
  • We Do Not accept articles that encourage intolerance, violence, hate speech, degrading behavior, and insulting tone or remarks. We will not accept an article that promotes terrorism and wrong activities that harm a nation.
  • We do not accept content that does not obey the law or is subject to an individual’s legal matters.
  • We Do Not accept articles that promote illegal products – illicit drugs, steroids, tobacco, marijuana, cannabis, weapons, and more.
  • We Do Not accept an article that contains video streaming links. 
  • We Do Not accept articles that talk about hacking or cracking passwords illegally.
  • We Do Not accept articles that have already been published on our website. We reserve the right to ban the author if they violate this rule. We will not accept the already published articles with a few changes.
  • We Do Not accept articles that contain a personal address and other personal details for contacts. 
  • Authors are allowed to bold, italicized, or underline the parts of the article for emphasizing purpose. A completely bold, italicized, or underlined article will be rejected.
  • We Do Not accept articles that support or promote the following things:
  1. Bulk email spamming, safe lists, and PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.
  2. Click fraud 
  3. Adsense Arbitrage
  4. Made for Adsense websites

Article Title:

The title is an important part of your content, and it provides important details about the content. Read the guideline and prepare your title in that way.

  • Write the title in upper and lower case. Keep the first letters of all major words in capital forms, avoid capitalizing to, for, a, and so on.
  • Keep the title within 100 characters.
  • Don’t write the title in all capital forms and don’t use quotation on the title.
  • Don’t use excessive punctuation in the title like – !!! or ???.
  • Don’t use HTML tags, author names, or URLs.
  • We don’t accept a title that contains slang words.
  • Don’t use keywords excessively in your title.
  • We do not accept a title that has the name of prescription drugs.
  • We do not accept irrelevant titles. Your article title must go with the information presented in the article body.

Article Body Guidelines:

  • The minimum word count is 600 words and the maximum, 5000 words.
  • The article body must contain the information promised in the article TITLE.
  • We do not accept all capital letters in the article body,
  • Articles with affiliation links and promotional content will be rejected.
  • Don’t write the title or author name in the article body.
  • Do not claim copyright in the article. We provide our authors with the choice of copyright or republishing of the content.
  • We do not accept content with the URL in the first paragraph. We accept only one URL link in the last paragraph of the article body.
  • Promotional content will be rejected.
  • Don’t add contact information in the article body. It should be allowed in the author’s signature only.
  • Choose the most appropriate category for your content to avoid rejection.
  • We allow a featured image for your article that should strictly follow the size of 730*380.
  • We do not allow you to add images or video links to the article body.
  • We reserve the right to edit or remove your content even after the publish.

Article Summary:

The summary of an article delivers the idea about the article in a simple manner. Follow the guidelines for writing an article summary. 

  • Keep the article summary length within 150-300 characters.
  • The summary must be relevant to the article body.
  • Do not use authors’ names, URLs, and HTML tags in the summary.
  • Do not use the article summary for the promotion of the author. Use the author’s signature to describe the author.

Article Keywords:

Keywords bring readers to your articles. So, use the keywords wisely. 

  • An article with irrelevant keywords will be rejected.
  • Do not use excessive keywords in your article. We accept 3% keyword density in the article.

Author Account Criteria:

  • One author cannot hold multiple accounts. Violating the guideline will cause an immediate ban from our website.
  • Author name cannot match a celebrity’s name, a company’s name, or a website’s name. 

Copyright Violation:

The Non Stop Article does not accept or tolerate the unethical use of copyright content and materials. Authors can exercise their right if they find unlawful use of their content. 


  • The article on the website can only be used for the information purpose only. They hold no legal liability for the accuracy and usefulness of the information.
  • Non Stop Article is not liable for the use and misuse of the article content. 
  • The information presented in the article does not reflect the views of the Non Stop Article. The information is presented by the authors of articles only.
  • Non Stop Article does not guarantee the products and services of the third-party websites that are linked to the content. Visit them at your own risk.

We do not use pop-ups on our website. If you get pop-ups on Non Stop Article, it is not generated by us. So, review them carefully before inserting information.