Chiropractic treatment has seen many changes and advancements. From the time it first came to the date, many techniques have been introduced. From the conventional mechanical adjustments to drop table techniques, chiropractic care extends its area to offer more improved options to patients. The best thing is that chiropractors can use different techniques to improve your health. Although advanced chiropractic technologies improve the treatment process, chiropractors use even the oldest treatment if the condition demands so. Here, you will learn different chiropractic treatments that are common and widely used by doctors.

With the advancements in instruments such as ProAdjuster, chiropractic treatment gets an improved approach. Many such instruments introduce better techniques for chiropractic care. Let’s discuss the most common chiropractic techniques used by licensed practitioners.

Gonstead technique:

It is one of the most common treatment techniques where everyone learns it from their education level. It is the hands-on treatment technique applied to your lower back and pelvis areas. Chiropractors use the treatment for releasing pain and stiffness on your joints.

Here, chiropractors check the whole body and search for the root of the problem. They examine spinal misalignment, nerve dysfunction, motion disturbance, and more things. This method needs precision in technique to get the ultimate success. Often, chiropractors use X-Ray analysis and visualization, and observation of the body to analyze spinal adjustments.

Activator Technique:

Activator is a handheld device used by chiropractors to produce gentle impulses on the vertebra segments of the spine. You may feel a light thumping sensation when chiropractors perform this technique. It proves to be great for treating back pain, headaches, and migraines. It is one of the best alternatives to manual adjustment of the spine.

The advanced instruments make chiropractic treatment more effective for pain treatment.

Flexion-Distraction Treatment:

This chiropractic treatment is used mainly for treating the lumbar spine. Chiropractors apply the treatment to improve spinal motion and enhance overall function by reducing disc bulges and disc herniation.

The benefits of this treatment are so many. Here are some of them.

  • Helps you reduce the pressure on your nerve by reducing the chances for disc bulges and herniation
  • Increases spinal motion
  • Alternative to surgery from a herniated disc
  • It reduces the sciatica symptoms

Drop table technique:

This is a specially designed table with padded platforms. This table gets dropped an inch when a chiropractor makes a quick thrust for aligning the spine. It offers a subtle dropping motion which patients experience as vibrations. A drop table adjustment will help you when you have pain in your back. The table helps chiropractors move the spine gently for the adjustment.

Diversified technique:

It needs mastery for applying hands-on thrust for the spinal adjustments. This treatment is a manual adjustment process and offers you many health benefits. It is a safe and effective treatment process with which you can get rid of pain and stiffness. This treatment process is very helpful in restoring proper movements. When the pressure releases on your spine, you can hear a popping sound.

So, these are common treatment techniques used by doctors for your spinal adjustments. ProAdjuster Chiropractic treatment is an advanced treatment process where patients feel gentle pressure for the spinal adjustments. This treatment includes computerized analysis, which helps chiropractors plan a better treatment choice. Always opt for an experienced chiropractor who can perform treatment with the new-age instruments.

Mechanical adjustment includes sudden thrust on the vertebra section, which sometimes seems uncomfortable to patients. But, instruments improve chiropractic treatment. It applies gentle force to enhances the process.

It is a safe alternative to your pain treatment, and you can easily feel the improvements from the first treatment session. If you have pain, you can pick the ProAdjuster Chiropractic treatment instead of taking habit-informing drugs.

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