When it comes to chiropractic techniques, the primary treatment is spinal manipulation. But, chiropractors often perform other techniques also to treat your complications. You will learn more about different treatment techniques for your health. Chiropractic includes a vast study beyond the adjustment techniques. Modalities help chiropractors plan the best treatment procedures for your health. Modalities are any physical agent used for treating your biological soft tissues. Modalities include an array of options, including therapeutic exercises, stretching, spinal tractions, ultrasound, and more. Learn about common chiropractic modalities here.


It is a deep heat therapy generated by sound waves. This treatment procedure is very effective for treating your soft tissues and joints. It works as a micro-massage that reduces swelling and decreases pain and stiffness. Through this modality, a chiropractor can also improve blood flow in the affected area.

Massage and soft tissue mobilization:

Massage, as the definition says, is rubbing and massaging the muscles and joints by hands to release tension. Soft tissues consist of ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia. Soft tissue mobilization is more like an assessment and treatment of soft tissues done by a chiropractor. It brings beneficial effects on the nervous system, musculoskeletal systems, and circulatory systems.

Spinal Traction:

It is another common chiropractic modality where chiropractors use traction devices to distract specific areas of the spine. This treatment gently isolates the vertebrae that cause disc compressions and reduce nerve root pressure. This is also an effective pain treatment formula.

Heat and cold therapy:

It is another effective treatment process used by a chiropractor. With this, a chiropractor alternates between heat and ice therapy that helps patients evaluate back pain. Use ice packs to numb the area of your back for 10 to 15 minutes. You need to switch it with a heating pad to restore the blood flow on the area for promoting the blood flow. It will offer you a faster relief for your health complications.

Dietary management:

Chiropractors also treat patients with an improved diet plan. Nutrition and diet have a positive effect on our health. Chiropractors have in-depth knowledge of offering a complete diet plan for you. After your spinal manipulation, your doctor will recommend a dietary supplement for your health.

Cold laser:

A cold laser generates light without heat. It is great equipment for treating your injured areas, improving your cell functions. Cold laser therapy is an effective treatment choice, especially for your pain treatment.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS):

It is a battery-powered, muscle-stimulation machine which chiropractor uses to control your pain. Those who are suffering from acute pain can find relief by using this treatment procedure.

Interferential Current:

It is a type of TENS therapy. It uses a high-frequency electrical impulse to decrease pain inside of tissues. Chiropractors use this treatment for sensitive patients. It is a more gentle approach as compared to TENS since it meets less skin resistance due to its high-frequency nature.

Therapeutic Exercises:

Chiropractors suggest specific exercises to their patients who suffer from back and neck pain. These exercises are helpful in reducing your pain level. They also promote joint health and strength. When patients follow these exercises, they can prevent injuries.

Lifestyle changes:

A Chiropractor can also recommend lifestyle changes while treating your pain. Lifestyle is a great factor when it comes to your health. If you follow a proper rule, you will get benefit from it. Your chiropractor will consult with you about the treatment process and offer the right solution to your health. Before this, help your chiropractor to find out your unhealthy habits and more.

Common chiropractic technique is different from the modalities mentioned above. The mechanical adjustment seems to be the primary care option for your pain treatment. When you visit a chiropractor, you must carry all details regarding your health history. Doctors will find out the problem and offer the best solution for your health. Chiropractors also use different devices for spinal adjustments. ProAdjuster is one of the commonly used devices. There are many such instruments that help a doctor find out the problem area and offer the right treatment for your health.

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