Local SEO is important for smaller businesses that have a regional operation instead of the national approach. Local SEO is different from general SEO because search engine optimizers are trying to get ranks on the result page usually. But, local SEO concentrates on the visibility for a local search. When you have a store, this search engine optimization gives you better results to get customers and improve your profit.

It needs a focused strategy for improving your website traffic, leads, and conversions. If your business field is competitive, then local search optimization and a fixed strategy will help you compete with the bigger brands that optimize their business for a wide keyword group.

A study has revealed that 35% of all searches are local. So, you can guess the importance of a focused SEO strategy for your business. If you perform optimization well, it will give you the right result for your company. Here are the best strategies for your local SEO.

Create a Google My Business Account:

You can optimize your Google listing, which will ensure a better rank in Google maps, and you will also get visibility in the search results. You need to create a business profile for optimization. Google My Business Account is the solution to your business. When you insert all important details in your Google My Business Profile, these details will be seen in your business profile. Your business profile will be visible in Google local search results, Google Search knowledge Panel, and Google maps.

Make sure that you provide all up-date information to your business, and you can verify the ownership also.

Reviews from your customer:

When you get positive reviews from your customers, it will encourage others to buy from you. For your local business, it is a necessary step. A study also revealed that 85% of customers trust reviews. You can ask your customers to give reviews after completing the purchase. You can even send an email or text asking your customers to give reviews. Never forget to respond to the existing reviews.

Optimize for voice search:

Voice search has a growing future in the field of digital marketing and search engine optimization. You need to find out the difference between when a text query and a voice search query. It is noticed that people use long-tail keywords when using voice search. You can optimize your content in a conventional tone to get the best result for voice search. Understand the user intent for optimizing your content.

Concentrate on local news stories:

Since you are trying to steal the attention of your customers living in your region, you can create blogs and articles on local news. This way, you can grab the attention of your customers. If your business supports local charities, you can also create videos about them. You can ask an SEO company about the best approaches, and they will also provide you with numerous ideas. Creating specific web pages for your regional customer will also help you.

Mobile optimization:

People will access your website from their mobile devices more than other mediums. So, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly on mobile devices regardless of device specifications and varieties. You can also use bigger fronts so that your customers can read information without any hesitation. Great UI or UX will also help you achieve the best result.

Local keywords:

Use Google Keyword Planner to select keywords based on location. You will also get aware of the popular search terms used in your selected location. When you make a list of relevant keywords, add these keywords to your website’s metadata, content, and URLs. You can also mention landmarks or hotspots in your content.

Location-specific About Us Page:

If you have business in multiple locations, you need to design a location page also. Your customers want some important details regarding your store, including store hours, name, address, phone number, testimonials, descriptions, and more. When you have a single location, add essential details that are relevant from a local search perspective.

Online business directories:

Online business directories are great to improve your rank on local search. There are many websites online which will help you create business directories. Add your business name, address, and phone number into these directories, which will be seen in your business profile.


Links are important factors for your business. Backlinks will add value to your website. When it comes to improving ranks, backlinks play a major role. You need to consult with an expert for your boosting your link building strategies.

A dedicated web page for products and services:

You must create a dedicated page for each product type or service you offer. Create location-based content for each page.

When it comes to your local SEO, these are very important factors. When you have a physical store, you can opt for local SEO to boost your traffic.

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The writer of the content is an SEO professional and shares his search engine optimization experience through different blogs and articles.