When you post Value My Car listing on various websites, you will get numerous texts, emails, and calls from potential buyers. Before you schedule a test drive, it is best to call and talk to the most eligible buyers. In this way, you can various questions regarding their needs and financing and screen the buyers. Get them to question you so you can ascertain how determined they are to purchase your car.

Avoid people who want to buy your car without even seeing it. The ideal situation for you is to meet up with the person you’re selling. Don’t agree to receive any out-of-state checks from the potential buyers as several banks check out the vehicle in case of financing.

Before giving the keys, keep in mind to check the driver’s license of the prospective buyer. Ensure that your insurance covers other drivers too; this is to protect yourself.

Take Precautions With the Test Drive

If you think that the caller is legit and the person wants a test drive, select a safe and central location to meet up. Make sure it is a public place and has a route relaxed enough for a test drive. Bring a family member or a friend with you; it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious.

Meet up during the day and park your car where there is a lot of traffic in the public’s eye. Plan out the route beforehand; make sure it passes through populated areas. Make it a short one; almost all buyers are against a long test drive.

Ensure a Safe Transaction

If the person is ready to buy your car, you’ll probably have to negotiate the price. Discuss how you want the payment in advance. When you’ve both agreed on the price, meet up with them at the bank or credit union for the final transaction. You can also opt for a virtual payment method.

Don’t accept any unusual requests like driving them to some other place. They make these requests often to get the money or arrange a loan. They should make these arrangements themselves and keep a deposit with you.

Ready the paperwork and keep the car’s title out of sight until you are fully paid. Ensure that the payment method is legitimate. Use a secured payment and protect yourself from fraudulent escrow services.

Have A Proper Paper Trail

You are responsible for the proper transference of your car. Complete all the legwork in advance; in this way, you won’t encounter any hassles later. The rules regarding title transfer vary from state to state, but the gist remains that all the paperwork should be filled out to make the transfer legal.

Block Out Your Personal Information

Make sure that all your personal information on the service records is blocked out before handing them over to the buyer. A black permanent marker can do this job well. Take care to ink out phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. If you had purchased the vehicle from a dealership, be sure to take out the contracts and credit card applications from the manual or the glove compartment.

Complete the Title Transfer

Confer with the rules of your state when the title transfer is concerned.

Get your car a smog check certificate or an inspection certificate; many states want one before transference of ownership. Keep these papers near you when selling the car.

Beware OF Scams and Fraud When Selling Your Vehicle

Though an amazing tool, the internet can also be a hive of scams and fraud. If you feel that you are being scammed, call the relevant authorities.

We haven’t provided all-inclusive information that you’d need to Sell My Alfa Romeo. But these points should be at the forefront of your mind.