The person who suffers from peripheral neuropathy often faces this issues in life but with an irregularity in having the pain. Sometimes taking frequent assessment tests might help him. That provides insight in understanding the patient’s common risk factors. In this article, we will discuss them all.

If you have recently diagnosed with this disease called Peripheral Neuropathy, you might be facing a lot of issues in tackling this painful condition of body. This also feels at a times frustrating and overwhelming.

What it looks like suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy:

The patients who have been suffering from different symptoms of peripheral neuropathy might have the experience in changing their regular symptoms, often unknowingly and making the pain worse to bear. The pain at times can become deliberately severe.

So, if they can learn about the available treatment options beforehand so this becomes easy for them to better understand the symptoms as well as the increasing pain issues. Because the treatment could go for long schedule in later life and thus it helps in improving the quality of their lifestyle, giving them a relief from their long time sufferings.

What are the peripheral nerves:

You might know that the longest nerves of your body are the peripheral nerves. They extend their route from the limbs like your hands and could be stretched to the feet. So, when they get damaged, there might appear some common symptoms.

These symptoms include: having pain at the injured area, feeling numbness, and even feeling tingling in different areas. The symptoms are observed mainly in your hands and feet. But it is really sad to know that peripheral neuropathy gives the patient not only a stabbing pain but also a day long debilitating weakness.

Common causes for peripheral neuropathy:

There are some causes that are considered as the common factors behind having the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Here are some of them.

Diabetes Complication:

In these days, diabetes is becoming a central factor for many diseases. Diabetes is one of the leading factors that may cause a patient having peripheral neuropathy. More than seventy percent people who have been suffering from diabetes basically develop some earlier symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. This is why doctors recommend to have a balanced lifestyle where you should decrease your sugar intake cautiously. Because this is a decent way to prevent the chance of having diabetic neuropathy or you could even reverse the effect.

Frequent other causes for peripheral neuropathy:

There are some other factors that may cause you facing the symptoms of neuropathy. If you have been running from deficiency in vitamin B12, or you have been into taking vigorous doses of alcohols in daily life, or if you have been into chemotherapy in the past years, you may face the issues of peripheral neuropathy. Or, if the patient has ever been into some trauma and received any kind of traumatic injuries in life, he could also have this type of Neuropathic Pain. The main challenge that even makes this worse to be diagnosed by a doctor is he might feel helpless in diagnosing the right cause or determining the exact reason for having the patient neuropathy.

Medication can also damage those nerves

The patients who have been suffering from any type of diabetes sometimes, they face a lot of other issues due to medication problems. There are certain kind of drugs that could damage specific nerves if they are taken regularly for a long time period in life. A recent study has showed that metformin is one such kind of drugs. This medicine is directly linked to the treatment of diseases that are caused for vitamin B12 deficiency. That may cause the patient peripheral neuropathy and Knee Pain in future.

Prevention is always helpful:

It is commonly said that prevention is always better than cure. So, this happens for treating with peripheral neuropathy too. Research has proven that diabetes is one of the easily controllable diseases that could be brought in check. For this purpose, you need to use daily activities like exercise, walks, jogging, running, and even having balanced diet chart with a lot of nutrition added to it. If you can develop these habits, you may prevent the chances of neuropathy and Knee Arthritis.

Choose your diet plan more carefully:

It is true that diet helps a lot in prevention of this neuropathy disease. But, it is also important to remember that some unusual diet plans can even make the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy worse than before. Because this may hurt your nerves. This is why it should be preferred to maintain a careful plan while having your dietary plans. You need to avoid foods that may contain excess sugar. There might be using artificial sweeteners in many foods, so you need to avoid them too. Refined grains may add more sugar in your food habits, so it is suggested to keep away that from your food chart. Instead, to improve the diet, you can have a low-fat diet that is full of nutrition. This will leave a positive impact on your Neuropathy Treatment.

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