Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the common work-related injuries that many employees experience. When your wrist hurt and may get numb sometimes, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The data revealed that office employees associated with the administrative job have a higher risk of getting affected by carpal tunnel syndrome.  This syndrome should be addressed at the right time to prevent other fatal damages that may disable many functions of your hand.

An ergonomically set workstation can help you avoid such problems. Employees can maintain better posture by placing their hands and wrists in the right alignment, making them feel more comfortable while working. You can buy a standing desk, an ergonomic chair, and other things for setting up your office ergonomically perfect.

What causes the syndrome:

When the median nerve extends from the forearms to the hands through the wrists passageways gets compressed, it causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve is responsible for generating sensation to the palm side of your thumb and fingers, excluding the little finger.

Studies show that the use of the mouse and the mousepad can increase the risk of this problem more. But, there are many things that you can consider when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prior injuries:

A wrist fracture or dislocation can be the reason for this syndrome. The carpal tunnel gets affected due to this injury, and it affects the median nerve.

Congenial predisposition:

People with smaller carpal tunnels have a higher risk of getting this problem. If it is in your family history, you will experience this complication even more.


A study also proved that women have three times higher chances to suffer from this problem than men. The reason is that the wrist bones are small in most women, giving a narrowed space for the tendons and nerves to pass through it.

Health conditions:

This particular problem can be caused by hormonal change, pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, and other health conditions.

Workplace injury:

Prolonged, repetitive hand and wrist motion can put pressure on the nerves and tendons of your wrists. Unnatural wrist position can also cause the same issue.

How can you prevent this problem?

You can avoid the risk factors of carpal tunnel syndrome by changing the wrong use of your wrists. You can consult with your doctor to prevent this issue. Here are some suggestions that you can definitely follow.

Activity changes:

Buy a sit-stand desk to avoid work-related issues that can lead to this wrist injury. Stand more and sit less to stay active while working. You will also learn about how high your desk will be, how close your mouse and keyboards will be, and how you can maintain a proper posture while working. When you follow the plan, you can avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wear a splint or brace:

If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, you can wear a splint or brace to keep your wrist in a neutral position. It also releases pressure on your median nerve.


You can perform the exercise to keep your median nerve active and move more freely. Do stretching for reliving the pain.

If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, you should not leave the problem untreated. It can cause a major issue in the future. Consult with a doctor for better advice.

Work-related wrist injury is also very common. So, you can buy a height-adjustable desk and work on your posture. Prolonged sitting is bad for your health. You can change your sitting habit and stand while working. Make sure that your desk height correlates to your elbow height. Keep your wrist straight while typing or using the mouse. These simple changes will benefit you a lot.

The writer of the content is an ergonomic expert who wrote many blogs on office ergonomics and the use of standing desks.