Electromagnetic radiation released from cell towers cause many serious issues to the life of animals and their existence. We thoroughly discuss the topic to make you understand every fact.

Cell phone signals have an impact on our mother nature and the impact is negative. In the age of advancement, we are embracing even the fastest 5G to work more smartly. But have you ever thought how this new age cellular network disturbs the peace of wildlife? Here, our try is to make the concept clear to you. We aim to make you aware of the damages we make to our environment and the result is really dangerous. To read nature articles, you have to stop here and read our publications.

Animals depend on the earth’s magnetic fields for performing some important tasks that keep the environment healthy. They need the earth’s magnetic fields for navigation, breeding, migrations, and many other important tasks.

Every species interacts with the Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) differently, but the high-frequency radio waves used in the 5G signals bring changes in the behavior of the wildlife. We are raising an important topic on our nature articles to make you a responsible person who can change the situation for the betterment of our mother nature.

Effects on birds, bees, and wildlife:

It has proven that man-made electromagnetic fields are dangerous for the survival of birds, bees, and animals. You may not be aware of the bee’s colony collapse disorder, a steady decline of the bird’s population, and insects’ disappearance. They all share a link with the electromagnetic fields released by our cellular phones. The truth always hurts!

How cell towers damage animal life?

A high power radio wave circle has been created by a radio tower and a stationary cell. The lower power radiation of this radio tower spreads even in a larger radius. The amount of damages is high in the cities because of the use of many towers and the placement of multiple antennas on a single tower for accommodating multiple telecommunication carriers.

Affects birds’ migration:

Weak magnetic fields disturb the birds’ migration. Birds follow a magnetic compass orientation and man-made electromagnetic fields bring changes in the birds’ migration process. Here, weak magnetic fields are more responsible for this change.

Wireless communication and homing pigeons magneto-receptor disorientation:

Homing pigeons use earth’s low energy magnetic fields for their directional reference. It will help birds to guide in their journey. It also has a role to play in the feeding and breeding of animal life. Man-made radiofrequency wavelength brings changes in the earth’s magnetic fields. Due to this, many birds will lose their navigation skills.

Bee colony collapse:

Bees come under the critical pollinator species. A pollinator carries the pollen from the male part of the flower to the female part. This is why bees play a very essential role in our environment. Electromagnetic fields released by the cell tower affect the reproduction of this species and that is dangerous for nature.

Electromagnetic fields have bad impacts on our nature since they put the animal in danger. We have to take more serious steps to embrace both our green earth and the advancement of technology together. Share your ideas with us or do your part to protect our earth. To get more nature articles, stay with us.

Reference: https://mdsafetech.org/environmental-and-wildlife-effects/

The writer of the content is an environmentalist and is researching on many topics that can help our nature to stay always green.