It is no hidden secret that people browse the internet mostly through their mobile devices. In other words, mobile device searches have increased tremendously. It won’t be wrong to state that mobile phones have replaced laptops and PCs to browse the internet for users to some extent. As a result of that, more and more businesses are looking to hire website design and development services to include accelerated mobile pages in their respective websites. 

If you are wondering what an accelerated mobile page (AMP) is, well, it is a way to put attractive content to users. It also helps websites to become more mobile-responsive which is probably one of the most important things for websites as Google backs mobile-first index. You can hire professional website design and development services to build accelerated mobile pages and can make your website reach the top of the SERM. This happens because of the satisfied customers who engage conveniently with your website content because of AMP pages. 

Surely, this isn’t enough to convince you to invest in accelerated mobile pages. 

So, let’s see why AMP is a better choice for your website –

1. Apps or websites built with AMP-carousel give a simple yet fast image rotator. 

2. If you have an app and are looking to bring APM-video technology in it, you will make it easier for your users to simply view the video. 

3. AMPs are known to deliver fast landing pages to your customers. This also helps your business to create new opportunities to excel. 

4. If you choose to create and combine AMPs with your website, you will have an upper hand to rank high in the SERM as compared to your competitors with no AMP framework. 

5. One of the key reasons why you should invest in accelerated mobile pages is SEO. Such pages help improve SEO and Google rankings of a website. 

6. Another benefit of combining accelerated mobile pages with your website is the load to the server.

7. AMPs are known to reduce the load to your website server as CDN and accelerated mobile pages CDN respond better to almost every search result. 

With that being said, you are now well aware of the importance of having accelerated mobile pages on your website. They are indeed very much important to ensure the growth of your website and eventually your business. And Auxesis Infotech can help you make that happen. As a leading web design and development agency, we carry years of experience working on numerous web projects and delivering exceptional services.