Mobile commerce applications offer you the best solution to your customer engagement. If you want to improve your sales and business, you need an app. Always remember that an app works better than your website when it comes to improving your customer experience. But, designing a mobile application is a crucial thing for your website. If you are in the process of building a mobile app, consider these important features that will enhance the user experience and user interface for your applications. When your aim is to increase the number of lead generation, these features prove to be very effective for you.

Push notifications:

Your mobile app improves the communication between you and your customers. You will not get this advantage through your website. Push notification can play an important role to improve your sales. When you send push notifications at the correct time, you can meet your business goals perfectly.

With push notifications, you can send product updates, discounts, promotions, and other offers directly to your users. Remember that you must reserve push notifications for the best offers that have the power to convert your customers.

If you go by the data, you will learn that around 70% of app users find push notifications a great help. Around 40% of people engage with push notifications in an hour. Push notification proves to be the best feature when you run a flash sale or selling a product with limited availability.

Location tracking:

Location tracking is another helpful feature that you cannot ignore. Nearly 53% of people agree to share their location with a mobile app. The location tracking option is a supportive feature to make push notifications more effective. Here are some examples that can make location tracking versatile for your business.

You can include a store locator feature in your application. Apply geofencing technology for sending push notifications.

User profile:

Allow your users to log in and make a purchase as a customer profile. The feature has many benefits for your business. Whenever you design a business app, you should not forget to add this feature to your application. In the initial phase, you will learn more about the purchasing behaviour of your customer. Besides, you can also recommend relevant products to them, depending on their purchase history. With this, your customers will be happy also because they get products that they want. It benefits you with more sales. Around 80% of customers reveal that they like personalized offers given by companies.

With the user profile feature, a customer can easily shop from your store because he/she stores all details in the profile. Keep the sign-up process short with the customer name, credit card number, billing address, shipping address, and email address.

Social media integration:

Social media influence your customer to buy products. Maintain an active social media profile for your business and integrate your social channel with your app. It is true that customers who have installed your application may not be aware of your social presence. It has another benefit. A person may not open your app every day, but he/she opens social media always. When you add your Facebook wall or Instagram feed to your app, it encourages your customers to follow you. Social media integration also helps you add content to your app easily. For example, if you have a YouTube plug-in, any video you upload on YouTube also appear on your app.

Discounts and promotions:

Customers love discounts and offers. When you give your customers a special offer, you can also improve your sales. A study reveals that around 65% of people use eCommerce apps to get deals and discounts. The success of the feature depends on the pricing strategy of your application. Discounts are a great way to drive more customers to your users.

Customer loyalty programs:

Through your app, you can manage your customer loyalty program better. An app helps customers check their loyalty status through their profile. You can also apply different ways to improve your customer loyalty. You can plan rewards for customers based on their purchase frequency, total spending, and more.

Payment options:

When you add many payment choices, you can increase your sales. Improving downloads of your app is not a big thing now. You can run ads on social media with enticing offers, which attract customer attention. Remember that a customer downloads your app with an intention to buy things from you. When users find that they do not have preferred payment options, they will abandon the cart. So, you must add customers to your profile.

Speedy checkout process:

The checkout process should be fast and simple. A reputed brand completes the checkout process in seconds. Make sure that your users complete the checkout process in one or two clicks.

These are all important features for your mobile commerce app that you can include. There are other features also, including product search app, customer support, retail integration, and more. While designing your application, add these features to your app.

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The writer of the content is an experienced app developer and shares his knowledge through his articles and blogs. He talks about general details that prove to be very effective for app development.