A geothermal cooling system is a cost-effective solution to cool your house. It is different from traditional heating and cooling, where you need a system to mount it on a wall or a window. When you are looking for a convenient and comfortable solution for your home cooling, you can opt for geothermal heating and cooling. But, you need an experienced HVAC professional to install geothermal heating and cooling system because it includes complicated ductwork underground.

What is a geothermal system?

Many people think that the system is only for heating your house. But, it provides you equal benefits in cooling also. The primary concept of a geothermal heating system depends on moving the temperature-carrying fluid in the ground and exchanging heat with the earth. The fluid in the system collects thermal energy from the earth for your home heating and cooling.  While heating, it collects heat from the ground and transfers it to your home. While cooling, the process gets reversed.

When it comes to finding the best energy-efficient choice, you can choose the system because it does not require much energy to operate.

How does the system cool your house?

The system also includes all technical parts that are common in your conventional system. The compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant. The hot refrigerant moves to the condenser, where it transfers temperature to the ground loop fluid. The fluid then releases heat to the ground.

Earth has a constant temperature of around 50-degree Fahrenheit. Although it is not a very high heat energy source, the consistent temperature around the year is perfect for home cooling and heating.

It has a closed-loop system underground that has an anti-freeze solution. In hot weather, the air transfers heat from the room air to the ground through the anti-freeze solution.

The geothermal heating system works on the renewable energy source instead of fossil fuels. If you want to reduce your energy consumption by 70% on your heating and cooling, this system is the right solution for you.

The benefits of geothermal heating and cooling system:


A geothermal air conditioner is an efficient solution for your home heating and cooling. It does not waste electricity, and it transfers heat to the ground. Efficiency is one of the benefits that you cannot ignore. It reduces electricity by 25 to 50%. You can avoid a painful spike in your bills.

Choose a system that has a higher energy efficiency ratio (EER). There are other measurement methods you have, including Seasonal EER and Coefficient of Performance (COP).  When it comes to the efficiency rating, the geothermal heating and cooling system always takes the first position.


Geothermal heat pumps are cost-effective. When you measure costs – two things are very important to consider – upfront cost and operational cost. The installation cost of the system is higher because it involves complicated ductwork, but operational cost saves you money. It does not consume energy to run the system, so you can save on your utility bill.

So, a geothermal air conditioner is convenient than your traditional AC. The operation cost is very much low.  There are many more reasons that make you convinced that you need a geothermal air conditioner for your house.

After several years, your system helps you get your money back because you will get ultimate cost-saving benefits from your system. Many people even call it a pay-back period also.

The system works on the renewable energy source, which means you can also protect your planet and make it greener.


When it comes to convenience, a geothermal system is the best option. You can simplify the whole HVAC system using this geothermal option. In a conventional setting, you need different systems for performing different functions. You need a central furnace for home heating and an air conditioner system for cooling your house. You may use a boiler or an electric space heater.

You can simplify the complete HVAC systems using the geothermal heat pump only.  It has two parts – ground loops and heat pumps. This simple system will offer you both heating and cooling. So, it saves your money, space, and additional headache.

Maintenance and lifespan:

While a conventional system lasts from 12 to 15 years, a geothermal system lasts over 20 years, and the underground system even lasts over 50 years.

So, you have so many reasons to invest in your geothermal heating and cooling system. It gives you benefits in so many ways.

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