A heat pump is one of the common types of heating systems used by many households. It has many advantages and works differently from other types. If you are confused about which system you need for your house, read the content thoroughly and pick the best one. You can also call a professional for your heating service. Sometimes, making a decision is tough. Professionals will help you understand your requirement and will offer you choices accordingly.

The demand for a heat pump is growing because it can both cool and heat your environment. If you are living in a moderate climate area, this heat pump proves to be the best choice. The content helps you understand how such a system works for heating your environment.

Heat pumps work much like the refrigerator but in a reverse way. While refrigerator releases heat from inside to outside, the heating system moves heat from the outside to inside to keep you warm in the winter. It does not produce heat by using electricity; rather, it moves heat using the electricity. So, you will get a better heating option at low cost. Even in the winter, heat is still there in the air outside. The system takes the heat and channelizes the heat inside. Unlike the electric baseboard that generates heat by using electricity, it does not use that much electricity. Still, if you are confused about the working of heat pumps, you can consult with professionals for the heating.

The heat pump contains two parts – the inside unit and the outside unit. They work together as a system to distribute heat as per the requirement.

You will get different types of heat pumps when you start researching it. It is mainly two types. A heat pump always needs a source of heat. It sometimes takes heat from the air and it is called an air source heat pump. The ground and water is a good source of heat also, and if a heat pump takes heat from these sources, it is called the geothermal heat pump.

Air source heat pump is also divided into two categories – ducted systems and ductless mini-split system.

Ducted systems work with the forced air ducting, whereas mini-split systems do not require it. This type of system is increasing the demand in the market as many homeowners want the mini-split system over other types for heating your home.

Since heat pump can cool your environment, it has an extra advantage. For cooling, it works reversely as it does in heating. It also works as the dehumidifier. Cooling your house also needs the same amount of energy as heating. So, you must not hold a wrong misconception about the heat pump for cooling.

If you do not need this system to cool down the temperature, you can shut off your system in summer. You can also turn the system on when you need cooling. If you experience overheating in the summer, you can concentrate on the insulation of your house. It saves your energy as well as costs.

The maintenance of your heat pump is also needed if you want an uninterrupted service. The basic things can be done by you easily. Clean the indoor unit and make it free of dust. Check the indoor filter and clean it rightly.

You need to clean the outdoor unit also. Keep it clear from all tall grasses, leaves, and debris. Clean the air filter every month and clean the top of the indoor unit with a dry cloth. If you experience too much dirt build-up in the filter, it can be extended to the coil also. In these cases, it needs a costly repair. Hire a professional for cleaning your filter.

This way, you can use your heat pump for heating or cooling your house. Using heat pump benefits you in many ways.

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