EU Commission has developed new ranking guidelines for online searches. These new ranking guidelines can improve the transparency of the ranking parameters. These new guidelines can also help the businessmen to get fair ranking on the search engines. During the recent pandemic period, lots of businessmen have started their online businesses. The algorithms of the search engines determine the success of the millions of online businesses. That’s why the businesses have to face some transparency issues. With the help of these new ranking guidelines, the EU commission has tried to solve these transparency issues.

With the help of these guidelines, the search engines have to show transparency in the online results. As a result, it will increase fairness in online business. Due to this fairness, we can drive innovation and fairness among the businessmen. All digital platforms have to follow these rules. By following these rules, they have to show the best results to the users. According to the EU commission, their main aim is to provide the best information to the businessmen. After using this information, they can increase and manage their online visibility. These guidelines will also enable consumers to buy the best quality products and services.

The EU Commission will also provide support to the search engines. After getting support from the EU commission, they can easily show transparency in their online results. This thing will also show the businessmen that search engines are acting fairly in providing the ranking to the business websites. The EU Commission is legally binding these guidelines. To ensure fairness and transparency in the results, they have also involved the search engines. That’s why search engines and online platforms have to include these guidelines in their main parameters. This will increase the prominence of the goods and products on their services.

New Ranking Guidelines for Online Business Platforms:

The EU Commission has set out some guidelines for online business platforms. Here, we will discuss all the ranking guidelines for online business platforms.

  • The providers have to implement the user-oriented approach. It means that they have to provide complete information about their ranking parameters and mechanisms. While explaining these ranking parameters and mechanisms, they have to use plain and intelligible language. It means that providers should not overwhelm the users by providing lengthy and complex descriptions. To make these guidelines meaningful for the users, they have to keep in mind some specific things. In these things, there come nature, technical ability, and needs of the average users.
  • To provide the best guidelines to the online business platforms, they have devised the Article 5. To comply with Article 5, the individuals have to determine the needs and measures of the users. They can conduct these measures in the technological neutral measure. Its reason is that we can’t use the particular technology in a decisive sense.
  • While assessing the main ranking parameters, the providers should also consider lots of things. It means that providers should take into account different considerations. In these considerations, there come a price, relevance, availability, and CTR, etc. They should also try to sort and filter these mechanisms based on these considerations. The providers should also tell the users about the measures that they will take against the illegal content. The providers should also provide these guidelines in the form of the extensive list of the ranking parameters. They can provide examples of the ranking parameters.
  • All the providers should also assess that these ranking parameters can work. For this reason, they should go beyond the remuneration. After going beyond the remuneration, they should provide the second layer of the explanatory information. This thing will provide an idea to the users that how these parameters will work. After providing this information, they should not forget about this information. It means that they should up to date this information. When they will regularly update this information, they can show the users that this information will meet the legal obligations. The providers should also update the description needs of the users.
  • In return for the remuneration, if these parameters are influencing the ranking, they have to examine the design of these parameters. The Commission has provided guidelines for the paid ranking options. They have to consider the positional impacts of these ranking options. They should also consider the rationale for these options.
  • In Article 5, the Commission has also mentioned a point. According to this point, the providers have to describe the main parameters only. It means that they should not disclose the detailed functioning of these ranking parameters.

Purpose of These Guidelines:

Experts of a dissertation help firm have told that no doubt, there is a purpose behind these guidelines. First of all, the EU commission has provided these guidelines to facilitate the compliance of the providers. To facilitate the compliance of the providers, they have considered online intermediation services. Moreover, they have also given guidelines to the providers of the search engines. With the help of these guidelines, the search engines can easily identify the business users. Secondly, they have to present these guidelines because they have to set out the main parameters for ranking. Moreover, they have to provide information about the importance of these parameters. They have to provide the importance of these parameters as opposed to other parameters.

Thirdly, they have to give these guidelines by taking an account of the ranking mechanisms. They can easily understand the characteristics of the goods and services through these parameters. As a result, users can get an idea about the relevance of these characteristics as compared to other products and services. Fourthly, they have to provide information about the predictability of the goods and services to the users. With the help of this predictability, the providers can easily improve the presentation of the goods and services. In other words, they can improve the characteristics of goods and services. Fifthly, the search engines should not show such information that can harm the users. For example, if search engines show such information about the products or services that are not true, this information can harm the users.