Got a twitch account and would like to be able to change my username? How do I do this? Due to recent changes to the twitch user interface, any bot or software that you use to trade or make profits will not allow you to change your username. There are some easy ways around this, however.

The first thing you can try is to use a program such as Twitpic. This allows you to upload a picture of yourself to use on your twitch profile. All programs for this program will allow you to change your profile picture with a click of the mouse. Once you have done this, it’s quite simple to change your username too. Just click “change” next to your picture. Gramvio a tool or an online video downloader or just a video downloader let you  download videos from twitch. Change name or name color or chat color, you are free to enjoy the service.

Bots sources 

Bot sources for emoticons and other visual icons are a bit more tricky. Most bots will allow you to add these. Some only let you see them if you have “verified” them. Bot owners can’t always afford to upkeep the code that creates the visual icons, so they charge a fee for this functionality. If your twitch account is one of those, you might want to consider asking the bot owner where you can find this functionality for free.

Some people are reporting that twitch won’t let them change their username after a certain amount of time. They may be just having trouble accessing their account from certain IPs. If you are one of those people, all you need to do is find the chatbot in your settings. On most of the latest versions, clicking on the box icon will bring up its control panel. From there, you can change your username, change your flair, etc.

If none of that works, and you’ve had an account for a while now, and it’s not receiving regular updates from the bot, your account is likely “banned”. This basically means that the bot cannot access your accounts or messages. You’ll receive a banned due to violating Bot Accounts Terms of Service, and you’ll be unable to use any of your previous flair or profile information.

Use the previous username 

Sometimes, you may receive a message from twitch telling you that you cannot log in to your account. Don’t worry about this too much. They may be having troubles updating your flair or may not have your account configured correctly. The odds are very good that your account is hacked into somehow. But, at least you can use your previous username, instead of having to use your entire new flair!

If none of those things works, and you still can’t figure out how to change the username, then your best bet may be to contact the bot itself. Bot owners are always glad to help their users, especially when it comes to setting up their accounts. There’s a chance that the Bot Owner may have the solution to your problem, or at least the best way to get it sorted out. Bot owners also give away valuable information through their chat rooms, such as which kinds of emoticons will look the best on your new account.

Change username 

Hopefully, now you understand how to change my username in twitch chat. Change your username as often as you like, to keep your bot as fresh as the original one. It’s a big world of online gaming, with millions of users, many of them strangers, all interacting in real-time for money. You should always be careful around new people, even if they seem nice, but try not to get too involved with them too quickly either, as it’s easy to get ripped off by a bot.

Twitter account 

Is it possible for someone to have a twitch won’t let me change the username and then have the account banned permanently? I have been in a similar situation a couple of months ago. I had stopped playing steam but was still receiving traffic on my main account. I simply went to Twitter to inform people that I would be back online shortly, and they started to get upset at me because I didn’t seem to be around much. I then decided to transfer over to steam, which would prevent this sort of thing happening again.

Play steam games 

So then I changed my username and was able to continue to play steam games. But as is often the case with twitch won’t let you change your username. It’s not the end of the world though, I’ve just had to make a few changes to how I use Twitter so that things work properly on my computer. Firstly you need to go under the settings and click on “Change Name”. This will bring up the drop-down menu where you can choose a new username. When you have done this you can type a nice long one like “twitchy” or something similar.

Use bot 

You then have to click on save. If everything was alright before then it should do the job, but if it doesn’t then try refreshing your page. This should fix any problem you are experiencing, but it does mean you are stuck with your username for a little while. Luckily there is an easier way to get around this. If you go to the “Account” section on the main menu then click” Bots” then you will see a button that says “Use Bot?”. Use this button to set up a bot account, which should prevent you from having to change your username.