Denmark is a charming country spotlighting gorgeous beaches, fairy-tale castles, lush green forests, magnificent buildings, beautiful castles, pleasant climate, and renowned tourist hotspots. Its infectious beauty is surreal and instantly lifts your mood and soul. Moreover, the capital is home to royal palaces, amusement parks, tasty cuisines, picturesque sites, and whatnot. 

Moreover, the site shares the history of 65 million years, and it is worth visiting and deserves the real hype. There are incredible museums and other historical sites which represent the rich historical heritage of Denmark. 

Best Five Things to do in Denmark

Here are the top five unusual things to do in Denmark that you can experience during your trip. 

Witness the beauty and wilderness of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Many sites capture tropical beauty and wilderness in Denmark, including Tivoli Gardens, dating back to 1843. The garden is an inspiration for all the theme parks and the world-famous Disney land. In addition, you can find plenty of adventurous roller coaster rides, puppet theaters, cafes, gardens, roundabouts, food stalls, restaurants, and a concert hall. Many people might find the Tivoli Gardens familiar as many films and videos have been shot here and shared on the internet. The site is adorned with glittering stars at night, and you can also catch a live show of music concerts for free on Friday nights. 

Discover Thy National Park

Thy National Park is the first-ever national park in Denmark, covering 12 kilometers of land and home to animal species. The western part of the site is packed with beautiful lakes, dunes, plantations, and massive coastlines. In addition, there are rugged landscapes and large pine forests within the park. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can participate in fun activities, including hiking, biking, swimming, or exploring flora and fauna. Moreover, you can do bird watching and treat your eyes by watching over 30 bird species in the national park. 

Take a tour of the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

It takes around 10 minutes to reach the National Museum from the Tivoli Gardens, and it represents the rich history and culture of Danish. The museum exhibits a large and incredible collection of Danish artifacts, including a 2000-year-old chariot, Danish silver, and Gothic church stuff. Other prominent collections date back to the 18th and 19th century along with antique furniture. 

The items that are on display belong to Greenland, Africa, Asia, and others. Guided tours are available in English every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, beginning from 11:00 am between June to September. So make Frontier airlines booking and get ready to experience the unseen treasures and discover the highlights of Denmark with your travel partners. 

Explore the Egeskov Castle, Kvarnstrup

The Egeskov Castle is a beautiful site located less than 30 minutes from Odense and is also considered the well-protected castle in Europe. It was completed in 1554 and initially built to safeguard the defense interests or purposes. Over the years, the castle has undergone numerous amendments and renovations. One can plan a day trip and explore the impressive masterpiece of Egeskov Castle and get to know about interesting events that happened in the past. The moment you enter the site, you will see all types of household equipment, from kitchen utensils to cleaning tools. 

Watch the beautiful sunset from Oresund Bridge, Copenhagen

The Oresund Bridge is the landmark of Denmark, and since its construction, it became a Scandinavian icon. It spreads up to 10 kilometers from Copenhagen, and one can easily commute to the place either by bus or train. The bridge was first built in 1999, and now it has become the country’s largest island. Also, it is now home to the third-largest city of Sweden, Copenhagen. So, you can come here in the evening and capture the image of a beautiful sunset in your eyes and feel the spectacular vibes of the place. So, you can make an American Airlines booking from the official sources and pamper yourself or your family with a refreshing weekend getaway.