The Bahamas is a dream destination for beach lovers and someone who wants to treat themselves to a refreshing and tropical holiday trip. It is officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, a country home to more than 700 islands and 2000 small cays located within the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This heavenly place is only 80 kilometers away from Florida, and visitors can easily commute to the central points of the country. 

Besides its world-class beaches and islands, there are unique shops, fancy restaurants, luxury resorts, and entertainment venues to explore. Water sports enthusiasts can do a lot of thrilling and exciting things, including sailing, kayaking, diving, boating, snorkeling, fishing, and whatnot. 

Best Five Places to Visit in the Bahamas

Here are the top five places to visit in the extraordinary and magical Bahamas and will definitely give you a refreshing and exotic feel. 

Atlantis Paradise Island

Spending a day trip at the spectacular waterscape is probably the best thing to do in the Bahamas. Paradise Island is truly a paradise dedicated to the wilderness and exoticness of nature, and it also features a resort, a luxury hotel, aquarium, entertainment venue, and water park. Because of its extraordinary beauty, the site is now considered one of the top-rated and popular resorts. Guests are given free entry into the Aquaventure, spreading over an extensive land of 141 acres. 

You can see and interact with the hammerhead sharks and swordfish swimming through the sparkling crystal clear water. Moreover, there are plenty of unique shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, and more than 20 swimming places along the Lazy River Ride. 

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The Bahamas is a tropical and exotic vacation destination, featuring an insane blue-colored backdrop and plenty of water sports. There are tons of seascapes in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, ideal for relaxing and enjoying turquoise activities. The park is situated in the remote eastern part of the Bahamas, and it is one of the first kinds in the Caribbean. Also, it is quite a favorite place for divers, boaters, snorkelers, and others who enjoy outdoor adventures. However, you are not allowed to do fishing or shelling within the park boundaries. 

One of the fun things to do is seeing the pigs swimming in the Staniel Cay and Thunderball Cave, which is also featured in the James Bond Film. The Exuma Cay is also home to some popular movie actors, including Johnny Depp and David Copperfield, while others feature some of the best and impressive resorts. 

The Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama Island is one of the best places to visit in the Bahamas and well-known for its cruise ship tours. It lies in the northern part of the Bahamian island and its capital; Freeport is the second biggest city in the Bahamas. It has now turned into a major tourist hub famous for dining, shopping, and endless entertainment. Besides, Port Lucaya Marketplace is renowned for selling precious jewelry, souvenirs, and straw items.

In addition, the island is surrounded by top-class resorts and certified hotels, providing great accommodation facilities to visitors. Due to this, it now features home to the longest underwater cave systems in the world. Nature enthusiasts can stroll around the Garden of the Groves and enjoy bird watching or even book a close dolphin encounter to see and interact with the cutest animal. So, make Southwest Airlines reservations and plan a weekend getaway with your family or friends for a tropical visit to the Bahamas. 

Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

Treasure Cay Beach lies on the outskirts of the Great Abaco Island, often considered the most beautiful and tropical beaches across the globe. Also, the beach hosts the best and popular fishing tournaments in the Bahamas, which adds an extra reason to come here and feel like a chill zone. Since it’s summer, it’s a perfect time to plan a trip to the Bahamas and spend a nice weekend with family or friends on its gorgeous white sand beaches and make the best of the time here. Visitors can find plenty of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels, resorts to budget-friendly hotels. 

Blue Lagoon Island

There is no place in the Bahamas like the Blue Lagoon Island where one can discover dolphins, sea lions, gorgeous white sand beaches, and fun theme parks. Due to endless adventurous opportunities, the island is also known as Salt City, and the best part is tourists can enjoy the cruise ship tours up to five kilometers by boat, beginning from Nassau. You and your entire family or a group of friends can be on the ship and witness the breathtaking views of the scenery from the sea. 

It’s a great place, especially for kids, as they can swim in the aqua water, play in the inflatable water park, and kayak in the water lagoon. At the same time, adults can enjoy seeing sea lions and dolphins and enjoy drinking tropical drinks with their gang. Make JetBlue booking and spend the best holidays in a place different from your world and experience the best moments of your life.