Sarasota is situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida and has many amazing destinations that entertain its visitors. One who visits Sarasota can explore the gorgeous beaches, beautiful white buildings, and world-class cultural amenities. Some museums and galleries available in Sarasota have so much to showcase to its global visitors. If you love enjoying beaches, you will be glad to know that Sarasota is one of the top places with the best beaches in Florida. Apart from beaches and museums, there are also tropical areas, wildlife areas and wetlands to entertain its visitors.

If you feel like you need to visit Sarasota and plan a vacation with your family and friends, you need some assistance that can help you create a list of top things you should do in Sarasota. With the help of this list, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest with your family and friends. If you want the list, then this post will be the final destination for you. In this post, you will get a list of the best things you can do while exploring Sarasota.

Have a look:

  • Let’s explore the beautiful Museum – The Ringling:

If you enjoy visiting museums, then Sarasota has a great deal for you. You can visit three museums in one. Yes, three museums in one! The Ringling is a museum where you can explore the Circus Museum, Sarasota Museum of Art and Centre of Asia Art. 

  • Visit the beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens:

Even if you are not a garden enthusiast, still you will love exploring the beautiful and mesmerizing Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The beauty of these gardens is incomparable. If you visit here, you can spot bamboo, ferns, old banyan trees, bromeliads and cycads. 

  • Get a chance to explore the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature:

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is one of the prime destinations in Sarasota that attracts millions of travelers from all over the globe. Here, in this museum, you will get a chance to witness the skeletons of creatures that lived in Florida millions of years ago.

  • Let’s enjoy ourselves at Siesta Key Beach:

If you are fond of visiting beaches, Siesta Key Beach will become one of your favorite beaches. You can enjoy sunbathing, surfing and several other water sports that can lead you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You should visit here with your family and friends. 

  • Embrace the beauty of Nature at Myakka River State Park:

This state park is one of the precious gems of Sarasota that humans have never touched. Here you will feel that nothing has changed in a million years. At Myakka River State Park, you will find two lakes where you can enjoy fishing, kayaking and great canoeing. 

  • Let’s explore through Mangrove Tunnels:

In Sarasota, you will get a chance to explore Mangrove tunnels by Kayak. This destination is worth visiting, and if you are lucky, you can spot several beautiful birds like bald eagles, wood storks, pelicans and little blue herons. Also, this eco-tour can lead you to Sarasota Bay, where you can witness dolphins and manatees. If you want to visit this amazing destination, you can make Southwest airlines reservations and get the best deals on Sarasota flight tickets.

  • Last but not least, explore the Gulf Coast Sanctuary and the Big Cat Habitat:

You can end your excursion to Sarasota by exploring the Gulf Coast Sanctuary and the Big Cat Habitat. Here, you can spot lions, monkeys, tigers, apes, camels etc.