Today, variety of Kaziranga park hotels have developed their operations in associate eco-friendly means while not harming the character.

Safari choices:

Kaziranga park has divided its hunting expedition Routes into 3 distinct zones. These routes area unit the Western vary, Central vary, and Japanese vary. It’s suggested to remain close to the Central Gate because it is the most convenient among all the Kaziranga park locations.

Kaziranga Forest is maybe the sole park in India that provides 3 hunting expedition choices. you’ll be able to take a landrover hunting expedition, elephant hunting expedition and even a ship ride within the Brahmaputra River Marshes as a section of your Kaziranga packages.

A treat for animal lovers:

Here area unit a number of the common animals found within the Kaziranga park:

  • One-horned Rhinos
  • Bisons
  • Tigers
  • Gibbons
  • Macaques
  • Antelopes
  • Himalayan Mole
  • Gaur
  • Sloth Bear
  • Indian gnawing animal
  • Indian viverrine mammal
  • Indian viverrine
  • Chinese badger

Kaziranga is additionally the house to a thriving bird population, a number of which has:

  • Spotted hooter
  • Ruddy sheldrake
  • Black Headed wading bird
  • Spot beaked Ducks
  • Greenshank
  • Grey Headed Haliaeetus leucorhyphus
  • Brown Fish raptorial bird
  • Bar Headed Geese
  • Lesser Whistling Duck
  • Bronzed Winged Jacana
  • Greater pelecaniform seabird

Most of the Kaziranga park Resorts conduct their own package birding and photography tours. The beauty, the leaf, and also the weather makes Kaziranga counted among the foremost stunning places to go to in state.

Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary:

Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary or Hoolock Gibbon Sanctuary could be a special zone in Kaziranga park, created to conserve the distinctive species of Apes found in India – the Hoolok Gibbon. Their lack of tail makes them clearly totally different from alternative primates and apes. Hooloks can even walk on their legs to a substantial distance.

The Dominance of Hollong Trees is that the reason it’s named Hoollongapar Sanctuary. it’s straightforward to succeed here as Kaziranga park resorts prepare for vehicles and permits to explore the sanctuary. This superb diversity makes Kaziranga one of the simplest places to go to in the North East.

Explore the Tea Gardens of Kaziranga:

Kaziranga and Brahmaputra’s distinctive landscape makes it a perfect spot for the development of the tea gardens during this space. Tea gardens area unit one in every of the first promotional initiatives for the North East commercial enterprise. The native tea plantation tours area unit quite common and extremely widespread among the tourists. A sip of tea within the natural charms because the sun goes down behind the hills could be a moment to see.

Tips to explore the Tea gardens – native keep homes and Kaziranga park resorts take you on daily tours of tea gardens. If you’re searching for one thing quirky then you’ll be able to conjointly book the resort within the garden and rouse to the great, pleasant aroma of recent tea plucked and brewed within the morning.

Explore the gorgeous stream Islands of Majuli:

If you’re through with Kaziranga park animals then you’ll be able to explore one in every of the most important largest stream Islands of India. Majuli is commonly combined with the Kaziranga Trip and plenty of hotels in Kaziranga prepare looking at the present place. This one in every of its kind spot in India is understood for its beautiful landscapes, tranquil views, and also the easy native fashion that you just won’t notice anyplace.

Distance from Kaziranga park

Garmur – 114 kilometer

Kalambari Satra – one hundred forty four kilometer

Tengapania – one hundred eighty kilometer

Things to try and do in Majuli

Visit the temples of Garmur and see the traditional artefacts

Local literature and artworks at Kalambari Satra

Picnic and looking at at Tenpagania, usually thought-about in concert of the simplest places to go to in state

Explore Machkhoa, Disangmukh, and Dhakuakhana

Things to try and do in Kaziranga park:

Buy Handicrafts, silk covering and ancient artefacts sold in concerning thirty retailers in and round the park.

Go on a photography tour with life specialists

Indulge in associate elephant hunting expedition

Visit near  villages and perceive native culture and fashion

Stay in one in every of the numerous Kaziranga park hotels and revel in the native Assamese culinary art.

Stay choices in Kaziranga park:

Stay choices in Kaziranga vary between budget keep homes, shared dormitories, and luxury 5 star resorts. you’ll be able to conjointly ditch the Hotels in Kaziranga and instead choose a neighborhood guest house at Kohora or a close-by village.

Best Time to go to Kaziranga park:

Kaziranga is incredibly hot and wet throughout the summers (April – June), and experiences heat days and cold nights in winters (November – January). with the exception of this, the remainder of the months don’t seem to be well to go to because the region experiences huge floods. November to April is that the best time to go to Kaziranga park.

How to Reach Kaziranga park:

Kaziranga National Park’s location is incredibly convenient. The roads area unit well maintained and regular trains, buses, and taxis run between the most important areas of interest in state.

Flight – LGB flying field Guwahati is at a distance of five hours from Kaziranga park. {a lovely|a stunning|a stunning} scenic drive takes you all the thanks to this beautiful heavenly destination.

Train – Guwahati Station is connected with the most important cities in India. you’ll be able to notice trains from the metropolis, Bangalore, metropolis on a daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis.

By Road – personal taxis area unit on the market from Guwahati station and flying field. a bit dialogue can assist you to notice cheaper rates than what you’re told. you’ll be able to conjointly take one in every of the North East tour packages that embrace Kaziranga within the itinerary.

Regular buses run between Kaziranga and Guwahati (217 KM), Jorhat (96 KM), Nagaon, Dibrugarh, Tezpur (75 KM) or Tinsukia. These buses drop you at Kohora and from here you wish to require a private ride to succeed in your destination. Most of the Kaziranga park hotels area unit within the proximity of Kohora.