With professional PPC Management Services businesses are able to increase quality traffic, drive sales and generate conversions on search engines.

Research results point out that some businesses are in fact able to increase brand awareness by almost 80% and this is the reason why business owners seek instant results from their PPC campaign spending.

Professional PPC Management companies therefore adopt disruptive digital marketing techniques and use new-age tools and technologies to optimize the PPC campaigns for their clients.They leverage best practices from within their communities and make use of popular trends summarized below:

Increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

With the proliferation of customer and product data, businesses are making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in search engine marketing. A key area where this is being applied is in the automation of the bidding process. This happens by capturing data related to PPC campaigns such as search patterns of users, web browsing activity, and purchase history and analyzing it to gather valuable insights from it. The analytics gathered facilitate in decision making in multiple areas such as:

Automation in managing ad budget

With automation, you are no longer required to continuously monitor a PPC ad campaign. The AI built into the process enables you to get results on campaigns that are performing very well and which you can optimize further, as well as campaigns that are not doing well and which you can pause or stop altogether. In this way you are able to achieve your set goals from the campaign and manage ad budget.

Optimizing your bidding strategy

With AI in your SEM process, you are able to leverage the power of machine learning in the bidding process to accomplish your PPC ad campaign goals. The process looks at historical data and the various scenarios that led you to achieve successful campaigns and replicates them. So, for example, if your targets were to prioritize clicks, impressions, or conversions, then the system enables you to take intelligent bidding actions on the campaigns.

Creating search ads in real time

This is a big step in automation as it allows your system to extract content from within your system and create dynamic ads in real time. So, for instance if a user is looking to buy new camping equipment, then the system will process the query and create a corresponding ad and display it to the user in real time. This ad will thus facilitate a sale and conversion as it will direct the user to the most relevant page.

Using platforms other than Google Search Listing Ads:

Experts say that Google Search Listing Ads has become too cluttered and cost of conversion is very high. They feel that to optimize your ads and increase its reach, it is better to use other platforms such as:

Google Banner Search Ads

These ads have a very high reach as they are visible when you watch YouTube, browse online, check emails, or any other web or mobile application.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace section is an ideal place to create advertisements in the form of stores that can be seen by people in their news feed, search, and other areas and even based on their intent to buy.


Instagram has become an important ad platform in which you can leverage visual appeal to draw attention of users and generate leads.


Quora is a question & answer sharing platform and an ideal source to place information about your company, products, or services as there would be users seeking information about it.


It is ideal especially if you have a physical product to sell as conversion rates are very high.

Other platforms

Platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest, and Tiktok are also increasingly popular.

Leveraging video ads:

Today, the majority of consumers prefer to see videos of products and services as they require less time and provide more information. Businesses can make use of video ads to enhance their brand appeal. In this area Google offers several tools that they can use to select a few catchy moments from a longer video and conjoin them to produce multiple 6 seconds bumper ads.


New PPC trends sometimes look overwhelming and difficult to adopt. However, by adopting them you can achieve huge competitive advantage.