The most-awaited event of the year IPL 2020 will finally get the dates to showcase its cricketing glamour. This time, authorities and IPL Governing Council have introduced many things that cricket fans have not experienced before. With super excitement, sports lovers are waiting for the games to start. But, are you not curious to explore the IPL 2020 even before the game start? In this sports blog, we are highlighting some important information regarding the games and the new changes.

Dream11 Is The Title Sponsor of IPL 2020:

Dream 11 and IPL shared a very strong bonding and now the relationship gets stronger as Dream 11 took the title sponsorship right of IPL 2020. It is a Mumbai based Indian Company and has made its first appearance from IPL 2008 that offered a fantasy cricket to all the sports lovers.

Game Starts from 19th September to 10th November:

The game fate was uncertain when the COVID-19 hit our country. People are requested to stay indoors, then how such a big game would happen? No one will go to witness the elite performances on the ground. But, finally, good news has come to all cricket lovers. This year, the IPL 2020 will be played from 19th September to 10th November in The United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This Time in UAE:

In India, COVID-19 has changed everything and people are counting their days indoors. So, matches will not be held in India, unlike the previous tournaments. Indian Premier League Governing Council (IPL GC) decided to take the glamour of Indian most glamorous sports to the UAE for this year.

Places of Matches:

The places where the match will be held are decided and they are – Dubai, Sharjah, and Abudhabi. Though the decision seeks clearance from the Government Of India.

Match Time:

The tournament will glue the cricket audience with their television sets for 53 days with the 10-afternoon matches from 03:30 PM and the evening matches from 07:30 PM Indian Standard Time.

Bio-secure Environment:

A bio-secure environment is arranged for protecting the cricketers from the virus infection. The Governing Council will soon publish the guidelines for the play.

Two COVID Tests For Squad members:

Every squad member has to pass two tests. They will be tested as soon as they land in the UAE. Two tests will be conducted in 6 days. The members will be allowed to enter into the ‘team bio bubble’ when they show a negative result.

6 days complete isolation for players:

No team bonding will happen in those 6 days and they will remain in a complete quarantine. They are not allowed to meet anyone. The movement of the members will remain in the marked space only. They will not be allowed to share a common dining area. A menu card will be kept outside the room and the member will mark their choice and the time of eating on the menu card. The room service staff will also not interact with any team member. They will leave the food outside the room and members will receive the food.

If a player gets a positive test:

The player will be isolated and contact tracking will be started to trace other people.

This time, playing is hard, but we all wish them all the best for their games. We pray for their safety also. To get more sports news, stay connected with us. We are offering the best sports article and the latest sports news for you.